about us

established in 2020, rêveurs de vie® (dreamers of life) is the embodiment of quality with exceptional fabrics, impeccable details, and precise tailoring. known for using creative mediums like art, music and apparel to focus on mental health advocacy across the social hierarchy. from the use of quality material to the metaphorical strength of simplistic shapes and vivid colours. eêveurs de vie® uses catchy phrases that stick in the minds of people so we bring attention to the fact that even when you are living your dream it’s not always a reflection of your mental health. ee hope these collections can help start conversations about mental health and create a community of open and supportive people. we hope our collections catches the eye and sticks with people. we hope that it gets people thinking. most of all, we hope that it fosters a community of support for mental health and wellness for all and that it reminds people that they are #notalone