creator's inside thoughts to the brand

glad you are here:)  so i am saim. i was depressed for the longest time. then came anxiety – which slowly become severe anxiety.

i mean, i can talk about this all day long. however, when i was down in the dumps, i was told that “everyone deals with stuff like this” and that i am not the only unique one.

not going to lie, i did brush them off. but soon, i was told by more people that i was not alone and i started to believe it.

so, i thought I was the only one until i realized there are millions of other people who battle mental health issues. this is why i made it a mission of mine that this is something we all need to talk about and frankly not be ashamed.

i have also made it my goal to not let anyone feel alone. which explains why all of our products have the statement #NotAlone.

at the end of the day, i am just out there trying to raise awareness for mental health through streetwear.

i also want to inspire people to turn their negativity into something that's positive.

thank you for giving me this platform. lets raise awareness together <3


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